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ASB - Youth Crime
Young people at risk of ASB or Youth Crime. Referrals from SNTs, RSLs, YOT and Schools.
Intensive work, home visits and parental contact (where appropriate) with focused programmes designed to suit needs of each cohort of young people.

Positive Activities
Listen to young people, value their views and do things WITH them, not to them.  And design appropriate programmes.

Training of volunteer mentors
Training of peer mentors and peer educators

Inclusion and alternative education provision
Positive thinking - raising expectations
Life Coaching - changing lifestyle choices
Improving self-belief and self-confidence

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Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle

Non-contact boxing for boys or girls (we have unique portable ring and the boxing equipment)
Leadership skills and team building
Personal fitness programmes
Challenges such as board breaking with bare hands

We supply all equipment                       Please refer to links below

Showcase Engagement Programme - Hilldene Youth Project
Showcase Engagement Programme - I am…Somebody
Alternative EducationProvision
Youth Offending Teams